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“LOLEK is a true light in the darkness… My breath was taken away.”

David Fischer, Exec. Producer of the 2020 film, Fatima

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LOLEK is a new and highly-acclaimed 3-person drama by Jeremy Stanbary. This 75-minute stage production tells the remarkable story of the young life of Pope St. John Paul II and his heroic resistance to the Nazi Occupation of Poland during World War II.

Educational, inspirational, and highly engaging, our immersive virtual recording of this play is now available for exclusive and interactive virtual events. Our groundbreaking virtual performance is a highly immersive, 4k cinematic experience that brings the audience on stage with the actors, placing you in the midst of the action and the story.

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Audience Reviews

“I’m speechless… [LOLEK] is far beyond what I even imagined… Ultimately theater, like movies, is at its best when it’s simply a good story well told. This was both but in such unexpected ways.”

Richard Wallin, Founder & Director, W2Films

“The LOLEK production speaks into the drama of our days… The young Karol’s life shines radiantly in his love for God, fatherland, theater, family, friends and faith. His own struggle[s]…become a deep source of encouragement and spiritual consolation as the play unfolds.”

Rev. Spencer J. Howe, Pastor, Holy Cross Catholic Church, Minneapolis, MN

“Amazing production values, acting, directing, writing, videography–all superb! I especially was impressed by the way you were able to give the feel of a live performance and how the camera moved in and out of scenes. It brought us into the story in a way that the live theatre is capable of doing when the writing, acting, and all the other elements that makes a production soar, when all these elements click and we are swept into the story and become a part of it. This you accomplished in a beautiful way… You’ve created a new form.”

Buzz McLaughlin, Ph.D, author of “The Playwright’s Process”

“LOLEK is a true light in the darkness… My breath was taken away.”

David Fischer, Exec. Producer of the 2020 film, Fatima

“This piece was riveting and the filming enhanced the entire production. You get to see things you’d never see in person as an audience member.”

Joy Donley, M.A., theatre educator & freelance director

“RUN…DON’T WALK…to see the original play, ‘Lolek’ at Open Window Theatre! … [It] is fabulous!”

Barbara D., in-person audience member

“So impressed with the quality of the show and the quality of the recorded version being able to transmit the same emotion.”

Linda H., virtual audience member

“This play was excellent…even virtually! Such talent and such a great little known story. Get your tix and watch it!”

Greg S., virtual audience member

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