In 2015 we underwent an expansion of our theatre space at the Metropolis Minneapolis building, investing in our future near the Hennepin Theatre District of Minneapolis. But this expansion opened up an unexpected can of worms with the City of Minneapolis, exposing some property-wide code violations that are the responsibility of the property owners to remedy. We are only one tenant among several at the Metropolis Minneapolis property. We lease 7,300 sq.ft. in a 40,000 sq.ft. building. And yet we are the only tenant suffering negative consequences from the building-wide code violations. Our business has been drastically impacted due to uncooperative landlords and city officials who fail to direct their attention to the real source of the problem. So we have decided to post the open letters below in order for our patrons and benefactors to gain a more detailed understanding of our situation.

OPEN LETTER TO LANDLORDS #1 — click the link to read the open letter to our landlords at the Metropolis Minneapolis building dated 4-12-16

OPEN LETTER TO LANDLORDS #2 — click the link to read the open letter to our landlords at the Metropolis Minneapolis building dated 5-5-16

OPEN LETTER TO CITY OF MINNEAPOLIS — click the link to read our open letter to City of Minneapolis officials dated 6-17-16

SUPPORT US as we fight back against the oppressive situation we find ourselves in. Thank you!





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