Support the Cities

Support the Cities

Here at Open Window Theatre we are praying for the repose of George Floyd’s soul as we pray also for a greater respect for the dignity and sanctity of all human life, and for the healing, restoration and renewal of our local Twin Cities community and our nation.

We know that solutions to big problems are not easy. In the face of the many evils and challenges that humanity and our society are grappling with, we want to be a source of healing, hope, and positive change wherever and however we can. This is why our art has always focused on themes of mercy, reconciliation, faith, and hope. We will continue to produce art that speaks to the troubles of our times and the universal troubles of the human heart. And right now we believe we can do more. We can always do more.

As pop-up cleaning efforts and volunteer distribution centers arose in the neighborhoods hardest hit by the riots, OWT founder and Exec-Artistic Director, Jeremy Stanbary, decided to hook up the theatre’s large 6′ x 12′ cargo trailer and head into Minneapolis with Managing Director, Cole Matson, to be of service. Since then he has partnered with several different organizations and individual efforts to transport several thousand pounds of essential goods to Midtown/Lake Street in Minneapolis, North Minneapolis, and the Midway area of Saint Paul. As patrons have seen the posts on our Facebook page we’ve been getting questions about how you can help. There are multiple ways you can help right now, either by donating your time through volunteering or by donating money. We have provided links at the bottom of this post for ways you can help. And since we believe in the power of prayer, please join us in praying for the intentions stated above. Prayer is a work of mercy and something you can do anywhere, anytime.

Jeremy has been encouraged and inspired by the outpouring of volunteer support from people of all colors and backgrounds coming together to help neighbors in need. And the needs in these neighborhoods remain great with many businesses still shut down from the riots, local minority-owned businesses burned to the ground, and, to make things worse, lots of people still reeling from the negative consequences of the coronavirus pandemic shutdown.

So we encourage our generous patrons to lend a hand wherever possible and/or make a donation to organizations that are helping these hard-hit communities rebuild. See the links below for ways you can help.

One of the greatest gifts an artist can offer society is the gift of empathy. It can be difficult to experience sincere empathy for the plight of others until we’re able to walk in another person’s shoes. That is one of the most powerful and important aspects of art, particularly live theater: the ability to enter into someone else’s story and see the world from their eyes. True art has a tremendous capacity for increasing empathy, fostering reconciliation, and building mutual respect. It can, of course, have the opposite effect as well depending on the intention behind it.

Our mission to produce redemptive theater that focuses on stories of faith, hope, and reconciliation is exactly what our society needs right now and in Season 7 we’ll be bringing that mission online to an even broader audience through our virtual streamed performances. Learn more.

We have been blessed by the incredible generosity and support that Open Window Theatre has received over the past year to reopen in a new location and survive the initial crisis of the pandemic shutdown. We encourage our amazing supporters now to join in our efforts to help rebuild our local communities as we work in tandem to build a more just, equitable, and compassionate society.

Thank you for your goodness and generosity!

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