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Last year in 2015 we expanded Open Window Theatre and our presence at the Metropolis Minneapolis building, investing in our longterm future near the Hennepin Theatre District of Minneapolis. This expansion has been a blessing in a multitude of ways and we are grateful to our many donors who helped make it possible. It also came at an opportune time with our sold-out run of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe this past December.

But our expansion also opened up an unexpected can of worms with the City of Minneapolis, exposing some property-wide code violations that we believe are the ultimate responsibility of the property owners (CLICK HERE to read the open letter to our landlords). While we work with the city and the owners to expeditiously resolve these issues in so far as they negatively affect Open Window, we are forced to temporarily cancel our final production of Season 5, Best of Enemies, and postpone it to the start of Season 6 in the fall. This is the result of an undue financial burden that has been placed on us by the city until these issues are resolved. It has been verified that our theatre space itself is operating in accordance with city codes and safety regulations and the good news is that the property-wide problems we face are fixable and we hope that everything will be resolved in our favor before the start of Season 6.

This is a very difficult situation for us to be in and we do not take cancellation or postponement decisions lightly. We had to pay the City of Minneapolis $6,000 in order to perform our latest production, Everyman, as planned. This is a tremendous burden for us as we operate on such a tight non-profit budget. We are determined not to pay the city another $6,000 for the run of Best of Enemies. Instead, we will be turning our attention to more concerted fundraising efforts for the theatre (and the theatre alone) in order to make up for the lost revenue of the spring production and enable us to continue operating strong into Season 6.


All current ticket purchases and season subscriptions for Best of Enemies will be honored in the fall. Our box office manager, Erica, will be proactively contacting those affected. You may also contact her by calling our box office at 612-615-1515. Subscribers this season who wish to renew their subscription in Season 6 will be able to do so minus the cost of the fall show.

We want to thank all of our patrons, supporters, volunteers, staff, and cast & crew members for an incredible Season 5, and while we’re sad to have to cut this season short we remain very excited and optimistic about Season 6 and what our future holds. Our full Season 6 line-up will be announced very soon.

We ask you to please lift us up in prayer during this challenging time and please consider making the most generous tax-deductible gift possible right now in support of our redemptive mission in the arts. Nobody does professional, redemptive live theater like Open Window and we need your generous support now more than ever to remain a powerful and ever growing force in arts & culture.


If nothing had changed we would’ve still needed to raise $50,000 by the end of June in order to meet our Season 5 fundraising goal of $100,000. But with the lost revenues now from the spring production and the hole we’re carrying over from Everyman due to the additional financial burden from the city, we realistically need to raise a minimum of $100,000 this spring/summer in order to survive as-is into Season 6.

But why settle for the status quo? Why not shoot for a goal of $300,000 over the next few months? After all, we’ve got a lot of extra time on our hands now! And the additional funds would enable us to hire a FT Managing Director, make some important equipment upgrades, increase our production and marketing budgets in Season 6, and more. CLICK HERE for more information on how those funds would be used.

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming benefits and appeals, but we also need the immediate help of those reading this message right now!  Can you please help?  Thank you for your generous support!

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Co-Directed by Kari Steinbach and Jeremy Stanbary
Featuring Elizabeth Efteland, Vanessa Gamble, and Jeremy Stanbary
Stage Manager: Sharayah Bunce, Props & House Management: Nathan Farley, Scenic Designer: Jane Ryan, Lighting Designer: Adam Raine


The playwright, Buzz McLaughlin, will be with us opening weekend at all performances October 16 & 17!

  • Post-show Talkbacks:  following both performances on Saturday, Oct. 17 we will host a post-show talkback with playwright, cast & directors. Talkbacks will start a few minutes after the show ends and will last approx. 45 minutes.
  • Lobby Art Exhibit:  we have partnered up with Partnership Resources to exhibit artwork from persons with developmental disabilities who take art classes through their PARTnership art program.


An enthralling tour de force, this award winning play centers on Michael, who leads us through the experience of his reunion with his developmentally disabled older sister Lindsey after a self-willed separation of nearly eighteen years. We discover that Lindsey is an artist of extraordinary skill and has started receiving serious attention from the mainstream art world. She also has a strong need to reestablish contact with her brother. Her guardian, mentor, and friend is a nun, Sister Anne, a woman of keen intelligence and spirit whom Michael was in love with years before. 

Michael is invited to become involved once again in his sister’s life as her only living blood relative. Reluctantly Michael meets with Sister Anne and the resulting clash of world views coupled with the history of their past relationship throws them into a complicated and emotionally charged encounter which ultimately allows Michael to come to terms with Lindsey–a journey from total rejection to an embracing of her humanity and worth as a person. In the process he discovers a new sense of himself and his own spirituality.

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Directed by Joy Donley

Featuring: Jack Alexander (Edmund), Josie Axelson (Susan), Matthew Berdahl (Tumnus/Father Christmas), Jeremiah Cox (Peter), Elizabeth Efteland (Centaur), Jade Grutsch (Unicorn), Mikaela Kurpierz (White Witch), Vladimir Messing (Dwarf/Elf), Arnie Roos (Mr. Beaver), Peter Simmons (Aslan), Madeline Ann Sundheim (Lucy), Karen Wiese-Thompson (Mrs. Beaver) and Kevin Whitby (Fenris Ulf).

Production Team: Lowell Rice (Stage Manager), Jane Ryan (Set Designer), Rick Rees (Costume Designer), Adam Raine (Lighting Design), Mike Anderson (Fight Choreographer), Michael Pearce Donley (Original music and sound design), Nate Farley (Props Designer).


In this full-length dramatization, award winning playwright, Joseph Robinette, faithfully recreates the wonderful world of C.S. Lewis’ Narnia. Here is the heroic tale of love, faith, courage, and giving; the life and death struggle for control of Narnia and the grandeur of the triumph of good over evil which has captivated audiences of all ages. Join us for this fun and creative production featuring a professional cast of adult & child actors as they bring this timeless story to life in our newly renovated theatre! After the show, children can meet Father Christmas and receive a small gift.

Approx. runtime:  100 minutes (including intermission)

Groups of 10+ receive a 20% discount and school groups receive an even bigger discount. Call 612-615-1515 for details.

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Written by Anonymous
Directed by Jeremy Stanbary
Approx. runtime = 90 minutes (no intermission). Recommended for ages 10+. Minimum age restriction: 4 yrs.


Cherry and Spoon“…this 90-minute production directed by Jeremy Stanbary utilizes music, movement, and a beautifully diverse cast…[it] presents the ancient message in a cool, modern, and innovative way.” Read more

Rift Magazine“Director Stanbary’s multi-layered production demands great concentration to appreciate its complexity. But the audience’s reward for doing so is a unique theatre experience and an appreciation of the universality of its moralistic themes.” Read more

Matthew Everett“The most striking (and welcome) element of Open Window’s production of Everyman is its diversity… Even though the text is hundreds of years old, Open Window Theatre puts a fresh new spin on and a lot of energy into the story of Everyman… it’s got a simple message of redemption that’s well worth hearing.” Read more


EVERYMAN is the most justly celebrated of all the old English morality plays and holds an important place in theater history. We’re giving a modern twist to this timeless classic, setting Everyman’s journey to death and the afterlife in an urban jungle with live music, creative movement, and a diverse cast of both men & women rotating into the title role. Whether you’re in search of a unique and thought-provoking entertainment event or a spiritually enriching Lenten experience, this historical piece of live theater is just the thing for you!