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We're excited to announce that we far exceeded our $5,500 matching gift goal for Give to the Max 2016!

A standing ovation goes out to our online donors who gave a combined total of $6,844 in just 24 hours on November 17 in support of our redemptive mission in the arts. An additional $1,420 in qualifying donations were also received via mail in conjunction with our GTTM campaign! Finally, big "Thank You" to our 6 matching gift contributors whose initial $5,5oo combined pledge helped to inspire all of this generosity!

Our grand total with the matching fund amounts to $13,764.

These funds will go a long way towards helping us sustain a bare bones operation as we continue our pro bono litigation against our former landlords, seeking significant damages for the theatre, and as we re-group and search for a new permanent home for Open Window.

The continued support of our patrons is vital during this transition period for Open Window as we seek full redemption for our redemptive vision in the arts!

DONATE NOW. Or scroll down to learn more about our situation by watching our video update or reading (and signing) our petition to the City of Minneapolis. You can also visit our blog for the latest information.

Thank you!

Down, But Not Out

We are extremely grateful for our many donors who helped us expand at the Metropolis Minneapolis building in 2015, and have helped us become one of the fastest growing theaters in the Twin Cities between 2011-2016. Our growth and success--without having received a single dollar in arts grant funding to date--has been nothing short of remarkable.

Tragically, due to the illegal activities of our landlords, we've now been forced to move out of the Metropolis building and postpone future productions until we can hopefully get reestablished in a new location.

Together, We Can Do This

Our non-profit theatre has been devastated by these landlords and by the inaction and misguided attention of city inspectors.

We'll need to raise at least $100,000 between the fall of 2016 and spring of 2017 in order to get Open Window reestablished and operating again by the fall of 2017. As tough as things are right now, we believe that this tragic situation will lead us to something bigger and better.

After all, redemptive stories are our thing. And, like always, our donors will have a big role to play in our story of redemption.

Moving Forward

Thank you for sticking with us during this difficult time of transition. Please pray for us as we fight back with legal action against our former landlords. And please consider making the largest possible tax-deductible gift right now to help us weather the storm and re-open Open Window.

Nobody does professional, redemptive live theater like us and we need our supporters to rally around our cause now more than ever!

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