DELAYED: Trial Postponed 9 Months


Thank you so much for the outpouring of prayers and support from so many of you as we prepare for our trial against our former landlords. We are extremely grateful for the loyalty and generosity of our patrons who have stuck with us during this difficult transition period for the theatre.

We have an important update for all of you who were following the trial or planning to attend.  Due to some last-minute developments and scheduling conflicts, the trial has been moved to May/June 2018.  This will allow time for additional preparation and gathering of evidence for our case, including files we recently received from the City of Minneapolis.  More importantly, the postponement of the trial may pave the way for a potential settlement or other successful resolution of our claims, as we recently learned that there is a possibility of insurance coverage for our losses on the part of the defendants.

While Sarah and I are very disappointed that our case will not be heard just yet, we understand that this is often the way that the wheels of justice turn, and we (along with our attorneys and Board of Directors) are confident that this will put us in the best position to ultimately achieve the right result. What might appear as a setback can often be a blessing. With the extra time we have been granted, our attorneys will be able to further polish and streamline our case for the jury, and our witnesses will have more time to better prepare for their testimony. Our case is strong, and we are confident that our attorneys will develop a presentation to match. We invite any interested patrons and friends to still consider attending the trial in May/June 2018 if no settlement is reached before then. We will of course continue to update you on the progress of the case as it winds through the court system.

In the meantime, we will hopefully have an update for you soon regarding our petition to the City of Minneapolis that garnered over 1,500 signatures. Many thanks to everyone who signed that petition to help our cause for justice!

This delay is frustrating for me and Sarah because the results of this lawsuit will determine so much for our future both personally and professionally, and it’s difficult to remain in limbo for so long. For this reason, we beg your continued prayers during this challenging time.

Another part of the challenge involves our theatre’s bank accounts, which are drying up as we continue to pay ongoing storage costs for all of our theatre equipment and other residual expenses such as insurance coverage, website fees, etc., which all amounts to around $500 a month. If you’re able to help us out with a tax-deductible contribution so we can continue to cover these residual expenses during our forced hiatus, we would be immensely grateful. You can make an online contribution here or you can mail a check to: P.O. Box 16067, St. Paul 55116.

Thank you and God bless you!

Jeremy Stanbary
Founder & Exec.-Artistic Dir.


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