Our Mission

Why Open Window?

Open Window Theatre was founded in May 2011 for the purpose of bringing multigenerational professional theater with a redemptive vision to the Twin Cities.

We view art as inherently transcendent--a window to the Divine and to the innermost reality of the human person and the world. Art, and particularly live theater, has a unique ability to inspire hope and positive change in both individuals as well as society. Alternatively, "With the same power with which theater can ennoble the spectators, it may corrupt them, degrade them, spoil their taste, lower their passions, offend beauty" (Konstantin Stanislavski).

At Open Window Theatre we focus on a redemptive vision in the arts because we believe there's a crisis of hope in today's world. Seven other core beliefs help form the foundation of our little theater and although we may be little, we have big ideas and we hope you'll put your faith in us again, and again, and again!

Here's why...

1. We believe theater should not only entertain, but also educate and inspire.

2. We believe good art should challenge people to be better (i.e. there's room for positive change in all of us).

3. We believe we don’t have to be vulgar in order to produce good theater and that some things are better left to the imagination.

4. We believe good art--in exploring the darkness of the human condition--should possess a redemptive value and should always respect the dignity of the human person.

5. We believe religious faith is worth celebrating and exploring through art, rather than denigrating and belittling.

6. We believe in creating an intimate theater-going experience that’s engaging and interactive.

7. We believe in producing top quality theater that’s accessible to everyone (yes, EVERYONE) and won’t break your budget.

Now that’s a breath of fresh air!  We hope you agree.

DONATE NOW to show your support for our mission.  Nearly half of our annual budget is made up of individual charitable contributions from people who believe in the importance of our mission and appreciate the quality of our productions.

THANK YOU for your generosity!